Double-legged Raise (Ankle(s) or Thigh(s))

This is the most popular exercise performed with the 6-Pack-Strap. Kindly follow the process described below for the two-legged raise.

• Attach the 6-Pack-Strap at your ankles.

• Ensure the strap is tight enough, then lock the buckle clamp.

• Lie down with your back on the ground/floor, stretch out your legs.

• Position your hands beside/under your butt to provide a cushion.

• In a controlled manner, while maintaining the position, slightly lift your butt off the ground when your legs are perpendicular to the ground.

• Lower your butt and your legs to return to the original position

• Repeat the exercise until you are exhausted then you can switch to the drop set.


Weighted Bicycle (Ankle or Thigh)

• Lie on your back with your hands touching your ears

• Alternate touching you elbow to your opposite knee


Standing Leg Raises (Ankle or Thigh)

• Attach the 6-Pack-Strap around your upper thigh close to the groin area

• Ensure the 6-Pack-Strap is well-tightened to prevent it from falling off

• Stand at a distance from a wall

• Recline on the wall with your two hands

• Raise the leg where you attached the 6-Pack-Strap towards the left or right direction to provide any variety

• Switch to the other leg and follow the steps above