About Us

Our founder, Evan Phillips, had a goal, he wanted to have a six-pack when he graduated from college.  He began by researching the subject, specifically trying to figure out exercises that helped target his lower abs, which were least defined on himself. 

His research led him to reach two conclusions.  One was that the exercise he needed to perform to target his lower abs was a high knee-like movement while engaging his core.  The second conclusion he made was that the only way to increase the size of your ab muscles would be to gradually increase the weight of resistance against them.

He began working out in SMU's state of the art gym.  He added dieting and HIIT cardio to his fitness routine.  However, he wasn't seeing any result. He realized that despite being in a gym that had every piece of exercise equipment imaginable there still was not an ab machine that did a good job of isolating and targeting his lower abs. Although bodyweight ab exercises were better, he couldn't increase the resistence weight against them by anything more than a 5 pound ankle weight.  

He set to work and built the first version of the 6-Pack-Strap.  Once this first version was built he realized that he had built the best ab machine in the gym.  From then on he was off the races.