• Wilder doing 35-pound, double-legged, leg raises in the gym.
  • Anthony doing 20-pound bicycle crunches.
  • Conner going a 5-pound, static, boat hold
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A Revolutionary Core Exercise Device

Forward: The 6-Pack-Strap's impact on the abdominal muscle will be comparable to the bench press's on the chest; but, with the reminder: having a strong core is impossibly more important to overall health.

6-Pack-Strap exercises will become the natural center of your workout routine.

I can't go to the gym without a 6-Pack-Strap.

-Evan Phillips

For All of Human History

and across cultures, our heroes, all share one defining characteristic... a defined core.

The 6-Pack is the mark of a hero.

Bronze Statue of Zeus of Artemision, made in 460 BCE, has his core strength on display.

6-Pack-Strap exercises give you the best chance of developing a 6-Pack.

Getting stronger at your core is a cure for all types of ailments.

6-Pack-Strap exercises generate back pain relief.

6-Pack-Strap exercises correct posture.

6-Pack-Strap exercises are a cure for obesity.

With the 6-Pack-Strap, we are able to get stronger at our core.

Here is the science explaining why this is the way to exercise your core:

First, physiotherapist Jeff Cavaliere of Athlean-X explains why THIS movement is the most effective way to train your core!

In this next video, Mike Mentzer, Mr. Olympia Heavyweight Champion and author, explains why the intensity of weight training is so critical to stimulating muscle growth. The 6-Pack-Strap is the only way to safely generate the necessary intensity to grow the size of your ab muscles.

Here in the below video, fitness influencer, Jeff Nippard explains lying leg raises are the most efficient core exercise. He then identifies the issue with the lying leg raise is (without the 6-Pack-Strap) you can't safely progressively overload your core muscles.

"To fully activate the entire 6-Pack, I recommend lying leg raises for the fact: data shows that this exercise gets MAXIMUM activation of the rectus abdominis (core)." Here is the study sited.

Let's recap what we have learned so far:

The 6-Pack-Strap creates room to grow in the most critical ab exercises.

Your core is a very large and strong muscle made of Type 1 and Type 2 muscles fibers, it does not fatigue easily.

With the 6-Pack-Strap you can easily apply the necessary intensity to consistently fatigue your abs.

Now, in the below video, Dr. Peter Attia explains why strength training is so crucial to length of life. He also goes on to explain why he places such an importance on big lifts.

6-Pack-Strap: the Muscle Maker and Belly Fat Burner

Muscle burns fat near it. More muscle means more fat burning.

As you increase the size of your core muscles, you will burn more fat than ever in your belly region.

This causes the entire core area to tighten up, giving the tapered waist look everyone wants.

This video below explains my experience with the 6-Pack-Strap!


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